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HengRun Composite Co., Limited  which  is  one main manufacture   plant   of  HengRun Composite Co., Limited products a wide variety of custom filament wound and contact molded tanks using only state of the art equipment and technology. Sizes range from 500mm  to 5000mm  in diameter for a number of applications, including chemical processing, food processing, iron and steel, waste water treatment, metal finishing, bulk storage and pharmaceutical, just to name a few. We feature cone bottom,  flat bottom, slope bottom, horizontal and double wall tanks designed and built to some of the most rigorous standards in the business. All tanks are built in accordance with specifications ASTM-D-3299 and D-4097, plus ASME RTP-1 design by rules, upon request. Whatever your needs, you can bet Our Tank Technologies has a quality tank for you.
We're proud of our reputation for superior products and customer service. When it comes to fiberglass tanks, we'll work closely with you through every step of the process to ensure you get exactly what you need. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

At the time of delivery the customer shall be responsible for inspecting the tank for damage during transit. Both the inside and the outside of the tank must be inspected. If damage has occurred it should be noted on the delivery receipt prior to signing acceptance, whether it be a WaveStrong   TANK TECHNOLOGIES truck or common carrier. In the case of a common carrier, claim should be immediately filed by the customer with the delivering carrier. If delivery is made by a WaveStrong TANK TECHNOLOGIES truck, the factory should be immediately contacted prior to unloading or acceptance. The customer accepts all future responsibility for a damaged tank if the procedures set forth are not followed.
Minor damage can be repaired at the delivery site.
WaveStrong  TECHNOLOGIES tanks are designed to withstand normal handling. Note the following handling precautions.

  1. NEVER roll or slide a tank. Lift the tank using a crane or other approved method.

  2. Operators of hoist equipment should follow proper rigging procedures at all times. NEVER allow tank to swing out of control.

  3. Do not drop or allow hard impact from tools, spreader bars, etc.

  4. Avoid the use of equipment inside the tank that could scratch or damage the inner corrosion barrier.

  5. NEVER use cables or chains around tank.

  6. NEVER lift tank by using fittings. Use designated lifting lugs.

  7. If tanks are being stored prior to installation, be sure to lay on padded surface and tie down securely.

Handling Tanks Shipped Horizontally

Small tanks shipped by common carrier are palletized to facilitate handling by forklift. To remove tank, pull on the bottom of the skid. DO NOT PULL ON THE TANK.

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